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Rhode Island

time to get wedding video?

going on 5 months now waitin for our video-- is this reasonable? i have asked our videographer about the video twice, and both times he said "ASAP" and "soon!" I would prefer if he was just honest about when he thinks he will be done with it. i don't want to pester him again and i was just wondering if this amount of time is normal. our contract says 8-10 weeks. thanks!

Re: time to get wedding video?

  • If it is outside the contract and he is not giving you a clear deadline I would begin to discuss with him that he is violation of his contract and legal action will be taken.  You can contact the Better Business Bureau.  I know there has been difficulties with one videographer in particular in the last year...you can search on the board for those posts. 

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    No, it's not normal especially if your contract says 8-10 weeks and the vendor will not give you a clear answer. In addition to the BBB, you could also try reaching out to the consumer protection division of the attorney general in the state that the vendor is located, presumably RI since this is the Newport board.  They may be able to tell you if there are other complaints registered with the vendor and/or if the attorney general is currently involved in resolving the matter.  
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