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April 2012 Weddings

Advice please..big wedding for him, small for me

What should we do to come to some sort of agreement? I want a small wedding - I'm thinking of inviting only 17 people bringing my total (with children to 24) and he wants to invite EVERYONE. I'm talking about people he doesn't even see on a monthly basis. The people I'm inviting are my mom, sister, brother, nieces, nephew and my closest cousin. Only a couple of close friends might get an invite. I tried telling him that he should only invite the people that he's close to and that he talks to on a regular basis. Am I missing anything? Maybe there are some other points that I can bring up to him that I haven't thought of. 

I don't care for a big wedding anymore since I'd rather spend the money on our honeymoon and our house. He wants a really big wedding since he didn't have one the first time. Well, neither did I but this is supposed to be a day for us to celebrate with the ones we love and care about. Most of his family has issues with me due to the ex so I don't want them there to be talking about me and making faces. Why invite them?

Ok, either someone slap some reality into me and let me know that I'm being selfish or someone agree with me. Whichever you choose, I won't be mad. ::pinky promise::
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