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Brother stand in for Father

Hello all!

I need a little help with something I've been contemplating.  I am getting married in Nov and sadly my father has unexpectidly passed away recently.  After long hard thought, i've decided to ask my younger brother to walk me down the isle.  He doesn't know this is my idea yet.  Is there a good way to ask him? Do i give a gift? If yes, what kind?


Re: Brother stand in for Father

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    I don't think a gift is necessary when you ask hm, but it might be nice to get him something (like you would a parent or a bridal party member) around the time of the wedding. As far as how to ask, I would suggest you ask in person if possible. Just let him know how much he means to you, and how honored you would be (and your dad would be) to have him escort you down the aisle. This is a really emotional topic, and he might hesitate to give you an answer right can always give him time to think about it:-).
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    Ha, I just told my brother he was doing it. But we are like that. I think just nicely asking him if he would do the honor of walking you down would be enough!
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