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who lifts the bride's veil - and when?!!

omg, help!
i am wearing a blusher veil for our ceremony.

at what point in the ceremony is this "lifted" from my face?  is it right when we reach the end of the aisle?

i am being escorted down the aisle by my mom and my brother.  i'd like to hug them both before they walk away from me and take their seats.  is the blusher lifted from my face before - or after - i hug them?

and then again, who does the lifting/removing job?  my mom says that the MOH's job.  A friend tells me the groom does it.  

Any input?  my wedding is on sunday, so please reply quick!  Ha ha ha...

Re: who lifts the bride's veil - and when?!!

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    Either your mom or brother can lift it when you get to the end of the aisle or you can leave it down during the ceremony and your groom lifts it before he kisses you. Either is acceptable. You might ask your groom which he'd prefer, does he want to lift it or would he prefer not to.
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    I second PP.  My dad lifted mine right before he "gave me away" and sat down with my mom after escorting me.  But it's really up to you.  Personally, I didn't want to go through the whole ceremony with it over my face. 

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    If seen/heard of several acceptable options:

    1. Dad (or bride's escort) lifts veil
    2. Dad lifts veil, kisses bride and puts it down again
    3. Husband lift at end of ceremony

    and I'm sure you could think of many others, no one will be offended, just go with whatever makes you and your FI feel most comfortable/special
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    If you are being married by a church pastor, they may have a suggested time.  Mine will be lifted after he says "who gives this bride to be married to this man" and my dad will say "her mother and i" ... and right after he does that he will lift the veil.  
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