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My fiancee and I are getting married 5/7/11 in Providence.  Just a quick question for all of you in the Rhode Island area.  I am looking for an independent jeweler for our wedding bands.  Even any local silversmiths or metalsmiths that do jewelry are welcome.  Any suggestions?


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    We are using Portobello's in Newport.  They have 2 locations here.  One on Bellevue Avenue and one in the Brick Market.  My fiance raved and raved about his experience there for months after we got engaged.  He customized design my engagement ring and he was extremely particular about what he wanted.  They showed his over 8 loose diamonds for him to select my stone.  (To say he's a diamond snob is an understatement.)

    Anyway, they are worth a look!  My fiance used Becky in the Brick Market location.

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    FI got my engagement ring at MRT in East Providence and we are getting out wedding bands there.  David is amazing to work with and will customize anything for you.
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    Another vote for MRT. My husband got my e-ring there and we went back for both of our wedding bands. They have outstanding customer service and great prices; my wedding band appraised at almost twice what we paid for it, and my e-ring appraised higher, too, (I know the appraisal because I had to add it to my insurance, but he won't tell me what he paid for it, haha.)

    They do small repairs for free - often while you wait  and with no appointment. I've whacked my hand and bent prongs three times now and they always just take it in back and fix it, clean it and get it back to me in a few minutes. They have a great selection, too.
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    I use Holmes Jewlers in W. Warwick for all of my stuff.  My e-band was designed there (not for me, just in general) and it's gorgeous.  I've never seen another band as pretty - even in all of the expensive ring ads in the bridal magazines.  David is great and they really stand by their work.  When I lost a stone (micro-pave) they've replaced it with no questions asked and no charge. 
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