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I know that maybe I should address this on the military board- but i need somehting more RI focused for an answer.

Has anyone on here, who is military or marrying into the military found that any vendors are giving discounts?

I feel embarassed to ask, but we get discounts nearly Every where else we go (movies, concerts, free dinners, musesums, etc)

I was just wondering if anyone has asked- -and received..

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Re: military discount

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    I haven't come across anything yet, but let me know if you find anything!
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    I really don't think you are going to find wedding vendors willing to give military discounts.  The reason why you receive a military discount at the places you mentioned were because they are high volume businesses.  Vendors are selling you a service and trying to sell out a few prime dates.  

    It never hurts to ask.  You might be better off asking for a cash discount. 
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    I saw this on my DOC's, Eventfully Planned facebook page:
    Operation Wedding Dress: Wedding Dress giveaway for Military Brides. Event will take place on Thursday, September 30, 2010 from 5pm to 7pm. There a a few qualifications and registration for this event is required. If you are an active duty military bride or a bride marrying an active duty military man and are interested in this event please contact: Mariann at 401-792-9194

    Good luck!

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    Great thanks Mrs. McIrish-- its nice to see people willing to help those who risk their lives for our country!! I will def. check that out!

    I also heard of a woman in EP giving away dresses as well, to a select few military brides.

    I haven't really been asking when I go on appts, because I dont want to look like I am looking for discounts...-- but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask vendors....
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    I would ask everyone you encounter.  It can never hurt to ask for a discount, and a military discount IMO is the most honorable one to give.  There are plenty of vendors who are willing to help make the day of our serving men and women special!  You won't look like you are looking for a hand out, it's a perfectly legitimate question to ask vendors. GL!!
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    While my daughter and son-in-law (Army) were planning their wedding, they asked almost every vendor for a Military discount and if the vendor did not offer a discount or additional services, they did not book them for the wedding. Our feeling was if they don't support the Military then we don't help to support them.

    All the vendors hired did a great job and the wedding was a success. A big party atmosphere as my son-in-law and some of his wedding honor guard are on their way to Iraq and a party atmosphere is what they wanted.

    My daughter recieved a free wedding gown thru Brides Accross America. An organization that supports Military brides or fiancees of Military grooms. My daughter was also featured on Ch 10 news getting her dress last Veteran's day in Nov. 2009 at Ana's Bridal in E. Prov. All the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses were purchased from Ana's and we also got a couple of Tuxes from there also. Ana's did a great job.
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    I used James Anthony Photography and he gave my fiance and I a military discount. My future husband is a Lt. in the Marine Corp...additionally he didn't even charge us or gives us any problems when we had to change our wedding date due to a deployment!

    Good luck
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    I know this is probably a little late as your post was a few months ago, but my husband and I are both Air Force getting married in Rhode Island. Do not be afraid to ask for a military discount, many vendors who do not give one may change their minds when prompted. We reserved Linden Place in Bristol, and they are giving us a 10% military discount. Which equals about $650 off. It can add up though.

    Also while we were looking for places, there is a small country place in Rehoboth, MA called Country Gardens. It was nice, and affordable if you are on a budget. I cannot remember the actual number figure, but I think it was about 20% off military. The man who runs it was very nice, and easy to talk to. They provide all inclusive packages, averaging $5,000-$10,000.

    Hope this helps someone!
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