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Speaking of ceremony music...

Does anyone have a guideline of how much prelude and postlude music we should have? We currently have about 20 minutes of prelude music and about 10 minutes after, including the recessional. Thoughts?

Re: Speaking of ceremony music...

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    That sounds pretty good to me.  I think we're only going to do about 15 minutes of prelude music because most of our guests will be taking the shuttle from the hotel, and it will only get there about 10 minutes before the ceremony starts.
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    We had about 30 mInutes of prelude music then just turned it back on after the ceremony when the guests were leaving.

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    Sounds fine.  I'm having about 4 or 5 songs and just repeating them for the prelude, and about 3 songs (4 including what FI and I are recessing out to) after.  I figure at most, people are catching up and conversing, so hearing a repeat of a nice song once isn't going to hurt anyone ;)
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    We had 30 minutes before and I think 15-20 after.  I perform for weddings and this is usually what I shoot for.
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