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Hi Ladies!

I've been really slack about posting this stuff. I think I needed some space from my wedding, lol. (Anyone else ever feel that way?)

For anyone not familiar with my posts, I'm a wedding planner in Houston, TX so I'm coming from the perspective of a very demanding bride. I expected a lot from my vendors since I usually am a vendor. Therefore, my reviews may be more harsh than what a "regular" bride might post...

You can find pictures here:

Okay here are some reviews... 

Coordinator: Kelli McKittrick
5/5 Stars
For those of you who are regulars you will remember that I found Kelli online and my wedding was the first she's coordinated. She has since coordinated for another Knottie and I think has booked with a few more of you. She was fabulous! My planning brain absolutely shut down the week of the wedding and I dropped the ball with sending Kelli the set-up information. She totally pulled it all off anyway! Everything was beautiful. I didn't have to lift a finger. I was only aware of two hiccups the whole day, and both were handled smoothly. I couldn't have been happier with Kelli, and I'm so glad I chose her. Everyone starts somewhere, and I believe she is off to a great start! She now has her website set up ( as well as a facebook page ( 

Venue: The Historic Woodburn in Pendleton, SC
4.5/5 Stars
This is such a beautiful venue and Jackie is really sweet and attentive. Keep in mind that this is a bare bones venue so it's a LOT of planning and work. My only complaint is that they stood on the back porch during the ceremony and therefore were in a lot of pictures. (We came out from under the back porch for the ceremony processional.) They were also in the background of the pictures we took on the front porch that night. I would just prefer that they be more conscious of what's going on around them during the events. 

Bartending service: Liquid Catering
5/5 Stars --- really 10/5 stars!!
This is absolutely the best bartending service I've worked with. Tammy is phenomenal. She resonds SO quickly to emails. She's super flexible. She created a "package" for me that wasn't on her standard menu. The prices are FANTASTIC. They actually rent mason jars as drinking glasses!!! They set each jar at each place setting for us with no extra charge.

Catering: Sticky Fingers in Greenville, SC
1/5 Stars
My review is no reflection on SF as a restaurant. I love their food and the in-house service is always great. This is JUST a review for the catering dept. at the Greenville location.
LOVE Sticky Fingers food. The food did not disappoint. But if it weren't for the awesome food I wouldn't have worked with them.
When I initially contacted SF they had a different catering manager (Tammy) and came highly referred by my venue manager. We thought about going with a mom and pop restaurant for a while, and when we got back in touch with SF the new manager was Lisa.
Lisa was VERY flexible. We had booked SF somewhat last minute and she made it happen. I also had a menu that had an incorrect price and she honored it. I really appreciated that.
Communication is really failing in their catering office. I had a really difficult time getting my calls/emails returned.
Several weeks after I made my deposit (which was most of my balance) I noticed it still wasn't pulling out of my checking account. When I FINALLY tracked someone down they told me my credit card number HAD BEEN LOST. That is ridiculous!
Lisa seems very enthusiastic and really made me feel like everything was under control, but I kind of feel like the ball was dropped. I explained very clearly that we were bringing bbq sauces from TX and would mix them with theirs on our sauce table. Our coordinator scattered them out and the catering staff actually moved them. They lined them up - which looked horrible - and made sure all the SF sauces where in the front. They also put the salad dressing on the bbq sauce table which was not at all what we had talked about.
The worst part of the service was when they LOST THE PLATES AND FLATWARE. Apparently someone had put them inside to keep them warm and didn't tell anyone. A third of the way through our guests I was told we were out of plates, flatware, and napkins, even though I ordered enough for double the number of guests. I think my coordinator finally found them.
I was overcharged on my invoice and was unhappy with the service. I left a message for Lisa stating such, and when she finally returned my call she came up with reason that I was charged the fee that was never discussed before hand - or put on any of my invoices. She also did not address any of the issues that had come up with the staff.
The same person who highly recommended SF when Tammy was there told me she had heard Lisa was "difficult to work with." She seemed REALLY nice and really on top of things, but then she really fell flat.
We were also told that we couldn't take home any of the left overs, but then at the end of the wedding they told us we could but only in our own containers. We had to send someone to pick some containers up.

Okay I'm tired so I'll post more later... haha :)

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    wow.. sorry to hear about the Sticky Fingers rewview.  That's crazy! 
    A wedding I was in had SF cater in Conway, and the on thing the bride kept talking about while getting ready was how excited she was to have SF leftovers to take over. 
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    I'm glad you took the time to post your Sticky Fingers review - we were considering using them to cater our rehearsal/welcome dinner but Kelli advised me against it after your experience, and now I can see why!!  We were impressed with the food, but I'm not sure that's worth the risk for such a big event.  Again, thank you for being so considerate and taking the time to post :)
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