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Fall 2012 brides?

So I'm pretty excited that our local board has started to come out hibernation (hopefully!) So I was wondering if there's any other Fall 2012 brides out there? I'm September 22 and I can't believe it's a little over 7 months away!

Re: Fall 2012 brides?

  • I'm 9/29 in Myrtle Beach!  I am on the September board with you...I just tend to keep quiet :-)  

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    [QUOTE]I'm 9/29 in Myrtle Beach!  I am on the September board with you...I just tend to keep quiet :-)  
    Posted by becka1126[/QUOTE]

    <div>hahaha! Awesome! You should join in more! We love new people =) It's always nice to talk to people in the same time frame as you. How's everything going down there? What have you gotten done?</div>
  • Well tonight it is super cold haha :)  

    I have my venue which is The Breaker's Resort so they will hold my ceremony and reception and do all food and alcohol.
    I have my DJ and Photographer.
    We have our rings, STDs are sent, and we have our invites already.
    I have my dress and shoes and garter too.  We have ordered some of our wedding party gifts off the knots website but just figuring out what else we want to get :)
    My next steps are bridesmaid dresses (picking in March when I visit my girls in NC) and registering for gifts later this month or in March.
    I am pretty sure I know who will do my cake and flowers too.

    I kind of feel like I am at a stand still for now though...can't really find anything else to accomplish!

    PS...sorry about the family drama you have now!!  I wanted to comment on your post but it's always like everyone says the same thing over and over (that's why I usually refrain)  My fiances grandfather will be on a month long cruise so he won't be coming to our's almost comical to me!!  I've never met most of his family but they are all on such a "different level" it could bother me less.  We are inviting them all and it sounds bad but I doubt they will come and they will just send a gift to be nice, but I almost would rather it be that way.  Rather have those who really care around :)
  • Oh... haha no problem. It happens. lol My family dynamic is crazy. I'm inviting all of them, but FI is refraining from a lot on his side. He's not even inviting one uncle because they haven't talked in close to a decade and he doesn't like him at all. FI also only has one surviving grandparent (grandma) and she probably won't come. They cite health reasons, but I'm not buying it. Oh well. I'm letting him deal with his side and I'm dealing with mine. I think I drew he short straw though. lol!

    We have our venue, photog, officiant, dress, jewelry, shoes, and started decor. FI will start designing invites in a month or two. We just put the deposit down for the cake. The DJ contract is on it's way to us now. We're just working on caterer and we'll be set with all the big, big stuff. Oh, we also have my band and know which band we'll get for him. Also working on HM. I never knew SO much went into one day! lol
  • Hola! Fall 2012 bride here! October 6 in Columbia :)
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    [QUOTE]Hola! Fall 2012 bride here! October 6 in Columbia :)
    Posted by mfording[/QUOTE]

    <div>Congrats! You're just 2 weeks behind me! Time is flying by! I can't believe how much stuff I still have to do...</div>
  • Time is flying!! 218 days and I feel like we just had 365 days!

    I have a lot done but I have to. Planning from south florida makes everything more difficult!

    What do you have left?
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  • Oh wow. I bet I didn't even pay attention that you were in FL. I'm just about to book DJ and photog. Then I have all the big stuff done. Only flowers will be bouquets and I'm going to a lady at a local Publix that has a fantastic rep. Then alterations, tables, linens, all the smaller things. You?
  • Hi... October 13 in Georgetown  
  • Fall bride who finally found the SC boards checking in  ;)  November 10th in Spartanburg! :)
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    October 20 in Cedar Mountain, NC/Greenville, SC

    88 days to go!
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