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Hi there,I can't believe how easy planning from afar has been. Nicole is super sweet. She always responds in a timely manner. We were there for our tasting in February and the food was fantastic! We even asked Chef Mark if he could make macaroni and cheese croquettes which are not on their menu. Not only did him make them, he made two variations so we had a choice.  We're having the Southern BBQ buffet. Nicole told us that you can have a plated dinner at Dunes House but that it's not a good idea because they only have a small prep area there and plated dinners are a little to complicated for such a small area. Vendors:-Flowers- A Floral Affair. Dawn is great. I haven't met her in person but I have talked to her on the phone and we've emailed back and forth. I sent her multiple pics of bouquets I liked and she responded honestly to how they would look and what would be most cost effective. Her prices seem reasonable. -Cake-Publix. With that said, I really wanted to go with Sheri's Edible designs. I had planned on having cupcakes but cupcakes at Sheri's and Signe's were too expensive. Sheri is a very nice person and her designs are great and the flavors sound delicious. Just too pricey. Publix gave us tons and tons of cake to sample and it was great. Only costing about $350 for a cake to feed 100. Our layers are all vanilla. 2 layers have strawberry filling and 1 layer with chocolate filling. Also tasted the choc cake and it was also good but probably too heavy for a hot summer wedding. Photographer- Hannah Gaber-Saletan out of Savannah. She is beyond sweet and sounds very fun. She actually gave us the idea to have a sparkler exit. I hadn't even heard of that untill she told me that she had shot a few and the pics were great. Her website is Linda Behling from Hilton Head Weddings. Also sounds very nice. After you make deposit she sends you several different options for your vows but she is cool with you writing your own, too. She has earned cool points b/c she told us that a PA system isn't necessary for a wedding our size and she told me not to bother sending her invites for reception or rehearsal. I like that she's upfront. She even said rehearsal wasn't necessary. She could have easily tried to make more money by suggesting it. We're having one anyway though because we feel better having a run through. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] Planning!

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    Thanks Trlee26!  Sorry, I've forgotten to check this site lately!! We're also doing Publix for our cake, but I wasn't able to taste - they didn't really offer that and said they didn't have any available to taste when I asked.  Bummer.  I'll have to take your word for it on some of the flavors.  Which Publix are you working with?  The first one you hit when you get on the island? I think it's the north one, that's where I've got before.  Have to wait till a month out to get it ordered. We have a plated dinner at the Dunes House.  I hope it's going to be ok.  I've asked Nicole about it and she's said it's no problem.  Hmmmm.  It'll be a smallish wedding, about 75 folks.  So maybe that makes it ok..?  I've heard twice now about this part being a problem, but she says it's not. Odd.We're using The Flower Shop for our florist.  She makes a really cool beach bamboo set up to stand under/next too for pretty cheap so I'm excited to use her!When is your wedding again?  I think it's before ours, so I'd love to get your feedback after!  Ours is Oct 16Roseya  
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