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Upstate Florist Recommendations

who's everyone using for a florist in the upstate? Looking for recommendations!

Re: Upstate Florist Recommendations

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    I can tell you who not to use...Dahlia's. They came highly recommended and I was really impressed initially. When the wedding rolled around, though, things got left out of our order, I had to correct her on several items, the colors weren't what I had ordered and the overall product just wasn't that impressive. I hate saying all of that, and I know that you take a risk with flowers since it's dependent on availability. For example, I wanted my bouquet to consist of all blue flowers, she had a mix of blue and white and the BM's flowers were supposed to be entirely white, they were a mix as well. She left out my toss bouquet even though we were charged for it. I went by the day before the wedding to review everything and had I not caught it, one of the moms would have gone corsageless. So, long story short, they weren't that great and I wouldn't use them again.
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