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Affordable Venues in Charleston???

I am just starting out planning my wedding but have not set a date yet, we were wanting to do Spring or Fall of 2010. It just depends on where we end up having it. The problem is this: We are on a very very tight budget as we are paying for the entire wedding ourselves, and our income isnt anything to brag about. We are cutting corners everywhere we can (making our own invites, bouquets, center pieces ect) and the wedding will be pretty small (about 50 people) I know i could plan an amazing wedding on this budget if it werent for one thing. Every venue i've looked into in the Charleston area is outrageous in price!!! I prefer an outdoor wedding so that does require our venue to have some curb appeal if you know what i mean... but the prices around here are crazy!! we originally thought about just renitng a beach house and having the ceremony and party (not even a formal reception) right there but beach houses cost upwards of $3000 to rent (plus extra fees to have a wedding there) does anyone know if anywhere in the area that might be semi affordable!! ??? we were looking to rent something for under $1000 ???
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Re: Affordable Venues in Charleston???

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    My formal dinner (didn't want a full fledged reception) is at 39 Rue de Jean on John Street.  They have a lovely private dining room and the rental fee was minimal.  Of course, you pay for the food, but that price will be determined ultimately by how many guests you have.  You can also choose from the menus of any of their three restaurants and don't have to rent linens or china. Before we decided on a smaller affair, we were going to book the Ion Creek Club in Mt. Pleasant.  If you go for a Sunday or off-season, it is exremely reasonable and absolutely gorgeous--hardwood floors, a fireplace, view of the creek, cathedral ceiling... Best Wishes!
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