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Hilton Head Wedding?

I'm a NYC Bride really considering getting married on Hilton Head Island.  I'm still trying to find the venue-trying to figure out best packages and prices at the moment.I'm just wondering what is there to do at night?  I know my guests are fine hanging by the pool having lunch etc; i just want to make sure we're not just going to bed after dinner!  Are there any night time activies we can take part in? Any group tours during the day that I can plan?Thanks ladies!
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Re: Hilton Head Wedding?

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    There is bowling, fireworks at Shelter Cove (harbour side), movie theaters that I believe can be rented out. I think there are a couple of bars on the island. There are tons of tours. I found tours by using the Palmetto Dunes website which links you to different boat tours in the area. There are ghost tours in Savannah at night as well as historical tours during the day. There is a dolphin cruise that I really wanted to do but it just wasn't in our budget. Even if you don't have lots of night events planned, I don't think people will be turning in after dinner. We plan on having some Wii tournaments, cards, etc. We're not planning a lot of activites because we don't want people to feel obligated to spend money and we can't afford to treat everyone. Happy Planning!
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    HHI is lovely!  especially for a wedding!  There are few night hot spots and cool the beach.  I have a friend who lives there so if you need help w/ anything specific let me know.
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    There a ton of great bars and places to go to in the evening.  If there is one thing we do in HHI, it's drink!  If you need recs on cool places to hang out or the good restaurants let me know!
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