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South Carolina

Venue frustration!!

I just dont understand why places in the Charleston Area think that its perfectly acceptable to charge insane amounts of money just to rent out their space for 1 day!! AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY PAY IT!!!  i just want somewhere nice with the look and feel that will fit my theme that isnt going to rape me finacially. I dont think it exists. Im really just venting. i just dont understand.
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Re: Venue frustration!!

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    Unfortunately it's one of the most popular destination wedding cities in the country....thus venues can charge, and people will pay it.  Stinks.
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    Hmmm... Yeah prices can be insane BUT what kind of venue are you looking for?  What kind of price range are you looking for?Have you thought about Friday or Sunday?  I got married on a Friday and while I did not find that I got a lot of discounts overall in Charleston, I did get a discount on my venue.Also to cut costs here choose an off month such as January or February.
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    The American Way--they're there to make money.  C'est la vie.  That said, there are venues that are more affordable than others.  What are you looking for.
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    Actually, my venue in Charleston cost the same as a venue I would have chosen had I wanted to get married in my hometown of Spartanburg. It just depends on how much research you do and how flexible you are with time of year/day of the week.
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    First, let me say, I'm sorry for the ridiculously LONG post, but I really feel your pain and wanted to help as much as possible.  It sucks! I definately had the same feeling when I started planning.  People kept explaining that the prices were so high because its a popular destination wedding spot.  I understand, but really could care less.  I mean all i'm trying to do is get married at home, in the place where I grew up, and where family/friends are!  Is that too much to ask?  It was really depressing.  My only advice is to try to figure out how much what you want is going to cost and give yourself enough time to save.  I got engaged this past Christmas and we are not getting married until September 18, 2010.  At first people were like why are you waiting a year and a half, but when we explained the cost (and that they weren't giving up any $) everyone understood and got on board.  Take advantage of any hometown favortism you can get!  It's a small place, so you're bound to know someone who knows someone that can help with some part of your wedding.  As far as Venues here are a couple that are the "least unreasonable of the unreasonable":Old Santee Canal Park: very reasonable price ;around $500, but kind of far out and probably not really the Charleston feel that you are looking forWannamaker Park: $800 - has a nice sized hall with lots of chairs and a pretty meadow for the ceremony, this would be good if you have a guest list somewhere around 100 - 150; but again not really that Charleston feelWescott/Coosaw Creek/Legend Oaks:  all of these golf courses do wedding and receptions; again not really Charleston, but pretty afforadable ($1200 - $2000)I'on Creek Club: if you're willing to be flexible with day of the week and season, you might be able to get a good decent deal; plus you can bring in a caterer which is a huge cost saver ($1800 - $5000)Magnolia Plantation Carriage House : low season is $3000 which is kind of getting up there price-wiseBoone Hall Cotton Dock: is only $2000! but you have to bring in all of your own tables, chairs, etc...it's a pretty interesting location thoughAlhambra Hall: $1500 Mt. P. resident, $2500 non-Mt. P resident; you can bring in your own caterer plus you get lots of tables and chairs - This is where I'm getting married.  It's great for me because it's probably about as affordable as I'm going to get for the size space I need.Charleston Marriott (on Lockwood): catering was pretty pricey, but rental space was pretty afforable actually ($1250 - $2200: depending on the amount of people)Hope this helps as many of you as possible.  Don't be discouraged, just get on the research!  Go look at everything if you can and save, save, save!
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