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Falls Park Ceremony

Hey there!  I know this has been up here before but I can't find it anywhere!  We have been trying to find a place for our ceremony.  About 80% of our wedding guests are out of town.  We want a ceremony close to downtown so people don't have to travel and our reception is at the Wyche Pavilion.  So, has anyone had a wedding at Falls Park and if someone has info on it, I would LOVE to have it!

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    The rental for the garden and the shelter (both must be rented for weddings) is $500. Call the G'vlle Parks and Rec to reserve.  I looked at the area with Mom and it is really nice (close to the waterfall and semi private) but we decided on a different place near the park.
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    There are multiple restrictions for the area such as no tents and no microphones or amplified music, which can work for some people/times of year, but not for everyone. I walked by a setup last weekend and the ceremony site itself was cute, but there were people milling everywhere, joggers, bikers, dogs, right up to the ceremony site. They had created signs saying "shhh, wedding in progress" but the pack of kids tearing by, shouting, on bikes, didn't seem to care/or see it. Plus, port a potty is the only facilities available (for your rent, not provided). In addition to the rates above, they also have a timing restriction. Something like booking is avail only 6 mos ahead of time. I can't remember the exact details, but it made me nervous not to have a spot reserved sooner than that. Other options in the area: Mary's Restaurant (similar issues with privacy), Lazy Goat, the yard area besdie the Wyche Pavillion or the Courtyard there, Zen in the West End, Lewis Kilgore House (shuttle would be needed but beautiful outdoor setting in downtown).
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    Why not have it at the little amphitheatre next to the Wyche Pavillion? There's still the park/water nearby and the little fountain by the Peace Center, and I think it would look so lovely! I would hate to get married in the park just because people are constantly obnoxious, and you definitely can't control that.
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    I had the earlier post - we are def going with the park. you can only book 6 months in advance, so I have the date on my calendar so as soon as it hits 6 months I will call. You get the space for 8 hours and they do, as stated above, put up signs. I was told they would have a parks person on hand to shoo people away as needed. As for music - you can't have a DJ booming music, but they do have an electric outlet that you can hook up a stereo to if you want to go that route for music or I was told that we could have live music (nothing big and loud, but enough to get you through what we need).The Parks guy on the website is pretty helpful and he walked my FI and I through it - he said there are several different ways to set the place up - and I hadn't quite thought of that yet....I can't is going to be beautiful.
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