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Hi!  My fiance and I are getting married in May and are in DESPERATE need of some dancing lessons!  Any suggestions?  We're in the Columbia area.  It would be amazing if he didn't step on my toes on our big day ;)

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    There is a dance place on Devine St, near Van Jean and in the same little shopping area as Just the Thing...I can't remember the name of it, but mayb Columbia Ballroom something or another?
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    Thank you SO much! :)
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    The one on Devine St. is Capital Ballroom.  There is also one on Assembly St. called Vista Ballroom.  If either of you are USC students or alumni, USC has a ballroom club that teaches classes every Sunday during the school year.  It's free for students.  And $5 to get into the gym for alumni and guests of students. 
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    I've taken both Salsa and Shag lessons at Capital Ballroom. Not the cheapest option, but the instructors are really good. You really get a lot out of a 20 min. lesson.
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