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HHI wedding gown pressing / steaming

Hi there, Looking to get any recommendations (or places to stay away from!) to get my wedding dress pressed a couple of days before the wedding. Hoping to find someone good, not too pricey, reliable and quick since I’ll need about a 2-day turnaround. Any suggestions? The coordinator at the reception site gave me 3 names: Alterations by Paticia, Dry Clean USA an Great American Cleaners of HH. Anyone have experience with any of these?? Thanks, Rosey ([email protected]) – wedding is October 16 so I have a bit of time to do some research…

Re: HHI wedding gown pressing / steaming

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    Sorry I don't have an answer but a question.  My daughter lives in Dallas and wants her wedding on the beach in Hilton Head. Would you recommend a hotel for the ceremony/reception and for the guests?  Thanks, Mary
    email me at:  [email protected]
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