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Officiants in Greenville, SC

Hi! Does anyone have any suggestions for officiants in the Greenville, SC area? My fiance and I have been pretty picky with people we've had in mind. We want an officiant that has preformed (preferably) a substantial amount of wedding ceremonies, and is in love with Jesus. Do you know of anyone? Help please! Thanks! Carrie

Re: Officiants in Greenville, SC

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    I assume by the "is in love with Jesus" bit that you want a religious ceremony. If so, do you belong to a church? I would start there. If you're getting married in Greenville and didn't grow up there, attend church there, but do belong to a particular denomination, I'd call around to churches of that denomination and see if they have a pastor available. If you want a secular ceremony, any notary public can perform it. We did something a bit different. I'm Christian, DH is not, but was raised Unitarian Universalist. We were married by his old UU minister who made a Christian/secular hybrid for us. Greenville has a UU church and it might be worth it to give them a call.
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    we are using Mike Abraham of He does whatever you want - we are blending a civil and religious ceremony. His pricing was fair and he was great. My friend is also using him.
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