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Hey Ladies, 
I am thinking about Litchfield Beach and County Club for my Oct/Nov 2010 wedding. I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing there experience good or bad??? 

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    Litchfield Beach and County Club  is So Beautiful and the staff I hear is very nice..  Have you looked at Pawleys Plantation and Wachesaw Plantation and Country Club? Those two are also very nice.
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    I was coming on here to ask about the same location so I'm very interested in others responses.  I am helping my brother & FSIL plan their wedding and we are looking at this location for their wedding this August. The location is beautiful, the menu pricing is affordable, staff interaction has been very positive.  We've looked at a lot of different venues in the area and this one seems to be the most affordable.  I'm just wondering if I'm missing something because it all seems to good to be true. 

    I hope to see previous Litchfield Beach & Golf brides post their experience!
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    Hi there,

    I am actually planning a wedding for a bride there for this upcoming May. It is an absolutely gorgeous venue to hold a wedding and reception. Everyone is very easy to work with there as well. My one recommendation to you and any other brides, is depending on the time of year, make sure to have it sprayed for no-see-ums, and mosquitos! They tend to be really obnoxious there! Hope this helps. If you need any further assistance please feel free to send me an email  @ [email protected]


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    Litchfield is a GORGEOUS wedding location!

    If you need a photographer, you should check out Christa Harder Photography!  (

    [email protected]
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