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Which beach is best!!!????

My fiance and i are getting married in SC and this a destination wedding for us.  We want to get married on the beach. We were wondering which beach is the best one to have a ceremony at.  Please help!!!

Re: Which beach is best!!!????

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    Folly Beach and Edisto Island are both nice.  Charleston is a big place for wedding as well.  We were in Charleston when we got engaged and I have been considering going back there for the wedding.  I would personally would stay away for Myrtle Beach to commercialized and not as nice as the others.
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    I agree with the previous post - Folly or Edisto would be good.  You may also want to check out Isle of Palms.  Myrtle Beach is a little more commercial and not quite as nice. 
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    Around the Charleston area, Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island are pretty. IOP gets more crowded. Folly has fewer regulations. Kiawah is gorgeous, though there are most likely some fees because it's private. It gets really hot here, so schedule it in early Spring or late Fall or even Winter, and then it will also be less crowded, but still beautiful. Also check out Cottages on the Chas Harbor Best Wishes!
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