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I need HELP with COLORS please

Hi there,

so I'm getting very behind with wedding planning because I keep changing my color scheme. I'm having a terrible time deciding on colors and would like some advice/opinions please. We're getting married in May, our ceremony is in a garden but our reception is inside and the setting is more contemporary and industrial, a blank slate with white walls (so ceremony and reception are complete opposites in style). I like victorian and vintage styles and my fiance likes modern and bold styles. He also wants to wear a black or dark grey suit. These are some of the colors I was thinking about but I honestly don't know what looks good anymore.

light yellow, light pink, and peach

Tiffany blue and red

coral and apple green

light pink and black

Re: I need HELP with COLORS please

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    They are all very pretty color combos. If you choose the red and tiffany blue you could blend a little of both your and your fiancé's tastes. The colors go very well in a vintage theme and red makes a bold impression.
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    I also think they are all pretty. I am a little over the pink and black thing though, I feel like that's everyone's default. haha.
    I will say, one of the most difficult things we encountered in wedding planning was finding stuff that matched our colors (eggplant and cranberry). I love my color scheme, but it has been an uphill battle trying to coordinate decorations. Either things are purple, or red. And those aren't my colors :).
    What helped me decide tremendously was that I went to the linen rental place and talked with one of them. They were experts and had all kinds of tablescapes already set up. She really has helped me with my vision!
    I hope this helps.. good luck!
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    If he wants to wear dark colored suit, I'd go with any of the options up there expect for the Yellow, PInk & Peach. I agree, the pink & black has been done so many times. The Tiffany Blue & Red is really pretty and those are pretty popular colors and would be easy to match.

    If you decide the Yellow, Pink and Peach, which I think is beautiful, I would have him weat a khaki suit.

    Just my 2 cents.. Happy Planning!
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    I like the red and tiffany blue best.

    I also like the light yellow, light pink, and peach, but it doesn't seem to go with "modern and bold styles" that your fiance prefers.

    All are nice, but I think red and tiffany blue actually seems to fit the personality of the event you're describing you want.

    Good luck!
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