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Myrtle Beach Florist - Bamboo Arch

Hello!  My daughter is getting married in Myrlte Beach in August 2010 and we are looking for a bamboo arch.  We had hired a florist to do this, but he just e-mailed me that he quit his job.  Does anyone know of someone that would be able to do this for us? or any good local florist to contact to see if they would be able to.  Thanks!!

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    There are a few further south in Murrells and Pawley called Blossoms and The Greenskeeper florist. Also try Dandelion Limited
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    Blossoms does absolutely fantastic work! You can also look into Mark Gladden at His website is pale in comparison to the amazing work he does.
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    We are having bamboo arbor at our wedding next april and we areordering it from (free shipping and great prices). Also their customer service is awsome. Just an idea if you catn find someone to rentfrom, you can make your own! :) GL

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