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Glassy Mountain Wedding

My fiance and I are planning on having our wedding at the Glassy Mountain Chapel in Landrum. We are having a hard time finding a reception venue nearby that is indoor, and fits 150-200 people and has a rustic look. I have mapquest/google maps directions to many places, but has anyone actually drove from the chapel to downtown spartanburg or greenville and can tell me how long it takes? I know mapquest can be off sometimes.

Re: Glassy Mountain Wedding

  • This reply might be too late but my sister for married there oct 2011. I found a venue I'm Greer called Grace Hall. It was indoor, nice wood floors, not really a rustic theme but it could defiantly work as one. I think the drive down the mountain was about 45 mins. Everything I found was going to be about the same distance.
  • May be too late also. But Table Rock Lodge is very pretty. It's a log cabin. You can look at it.
  •  @mpeahuff4 table rock only limits you to 72 guests, i used to work there when it was a restaurant. I considered it for a venue but too many restrictions. The Barn which is located inside the park can fit larger groups of people for around  $350 
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