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Seaside Wedding Chapel

We were planning on getting married in North Myrtle Beach in September and was going to go with Seaside Wedding Chapel...

Has anyone gone with them? Reviews?

OR does anyone have any other suggestions on who we should go with?


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    I am also trying  to find a venue for a sept. wedding in myrtle beach.  I have looked at this particular place, as well as some others.  I do not know what I am going to do..Im lost!! Are you having a reception?
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    i feel so lost too!! no we are going to have a reception when we come home because not everyone we want there can be there. but we were still going to have a little get together afterwards. it is very hard to plan something when you are so far away from where you are going to be. i'm so glad someone feels as lost as i do!
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    I'm getting married in Myrtle in June.. I looked into this, as they also do small things on the beach in North Myrtle, but we went a route with our hotel.. I'm still trying to find an officiante, and thougth about using them for just that service, I don't know yet, but I def agree its sooo hard to do this living 8 hours away... and I wish this board was more active.. I need a hairdresser and makeup artist along with a not so expensive florist... lol.. ahhhhh, I"m losing my mind, lol.. good luck ladies...

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    I live in North Myrtle Beach & can offer some help. I'm getting married at our church Trinity United Methodist by Pastor Ed Daniel. My reception is at a beach house with a tent. I would recommend calling Docksiders or Barefoot Bar & Grill in Barefoot Landing for a venue. You could also check out Brunswick Plantation in NC about 10 minute drive from Little River SC. Good Luck!
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    Check out Salon and Spa 18. Nicole did my hair and it was amazing.
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