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I have a very exact image of what I want for my wedding. I have found all the decorations, etc. I live between Florence & Myrtle Beach. I have looked every were. I need an event Decorator. Someone who I can sit down with & show them pictures of what I want, give them the decorations, & they will decorate for the day of my wedding. Plus ofcourse I'm on a budget so I don't want to pay 2 or 3 thousand dollars for this. Can anyone help??? Please.

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    So, you want a day-of coordinator? Where are you getting married? I am using Sara Banhill with Stunning & Brilliant Events. I would reach out to her if I were you. Her email is:

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    It's a small three room resturant in Mullins, SC. I want to rent out the whole place: Wedding in one room, cockail hour in the middl room, and reception in the largest room. There will be lots of decorating because the restuarnt is a seafood restarant. The only reason I choose this enue is because it's  small tow & it's the only place  can think of that is big enough to cover the entire day. As I said it's alot of decorating & I don't want to be decorating all night the night before.

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    Kelli did this for me. I did zero decor set-up. Her prices will be very reasonable.
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    I have simply swell events as my day of coordinator. They are new but very inexpensive and very is there website
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