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How many are you sending out versus how many people you want to actually show up?

Re: Invitations

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    Funny you should ask.  FI and I were going to elope, but now we have 6 people going.  LOL!!!  We're not sending any invitations because they're all family members going.

    I think if you have a set amount of guests on the list, then only send out that amount of invitations.  Chances are some people won't show up, but if they do you won't be over on your count.

    Hope this helps you out somewhat. 
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    That was kind of my plan, but then people started telling how only 60% or so of the people I invite will show up, so go ahead and send out more. I'm just paranoid that if I send out 160 invites they'll all RSVP yes when we really only want about 125.
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