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Okay, so my original hope was to have a wedding on a gazebo or lawn etc overlooking the beach so that the wedding portraits could be done on the beach. However, finding an August/September/Early October day that is available this year (2012) is really difficult. My finacee and I agreed that if this fell through we'd look at Historic Homes/Plantations as well. I am from Florence (home of the Columns Plantation) and would like to have the wedding relatively close to home. We're both from big families (i think the guesstimate now is 200-250) and I need somewhere that won't break the bank while being able to afford us the great wedding day we are looking for. 

Thank you so much for your help!

Re: Venues...

  • Do you have to do the 2012 season? Places book really fast for weddings it seems, so I'd hold off til next summer if that is possible for you. I used VRBO to find our beach house to rent. All of the houses (that I know of) which allow weddings and are big enough for them are sold out for the summer.
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