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Hair and Makeup Help!

Hello ladies. So, I booked this girl to do my hair and makeup. I told her I would call her when I booked my bridal portraits so that she could do my hair on that day too. I wanted to test run some styles on that day. So I called and left her a message to let her know when the bridal shoots were A WEEK AGO with no word. I need to confirm  with her that she can do my hair on this day and I'm freaking out. I just left her another message. I'm about to give up on her.

Do any of you know of a wedding makeup artist/hair stylist in the upperstate SC area that is dependable? Should I be looking for a new one??

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Re: Hair and Makeup Help!

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    Have you given her any money yet??
    If so, FIND HER. haha

    on a serious note, I'm in Rock Hill,sc. Theres a salon that I go to that does hair & makeup.. that's who will be doing everyones hair & makeup that day.
    It's called Salon Naman.

    Good Luck!
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    I'm from NC too and having my wedding on the beach in SC.  I went to a great salon/spa for my hair, but I think that's too far for you.  Not sure where you're getting married, but if you're going in that direction the name of the Salon/Spa is Exclusively You.  Andrea did my hair for me at my trial and she did a fantastic job.
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