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So i am working on making my programs for my wedding in less then 2 months (May 11,2013) does anyone have good advice on how to word them? 

Also My parents are still married and I have them and Mr and Mrs. how do i put my Fiance mother and father they are divorced  and he remarried and his mother never did... Do i just put Ms. *her name* and Mr. *his Name*? 

Just kinda lost on that part... also what needs to go in a program?

THank you!!

Re: Programs

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    Try Googling "Wedding program wording" and you'll find many examples. Here's a good link to get you started. Divorced parents are not "Mr Mrs", so yes, they should be named on seperate lines. If either is remarried, they must be listed with their spouse.
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    My fiance has 2 sets of parents, both divorced and remarried.

    For his we did:
    Mr & Mrs Set A
    Mr & Mrs Set B

    For your situation, I think you could just do:
    FI Father & Wife
    FI Mother

    Does this help?

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  • If you go on, and do a search for wedding program, templates will show up.  The templates come in various formats, colors, sizes.  You just click on each phrase and update to suit your event. For example they will provide wording on 'thanking the guests,' and if you need your wording different you can do it.  You can also customize font, add graphics style images, add logos, add photographs, whatever you need.  We're doing a small booklet for our program, which we're doing by basically combining two tri-fold programs and stapling. 

    On the front we've got bride and groom's full names, wedding venue, city, state, and date.  We also have our wedding logo and a quote from a sonnet by Shakespeare (I added this, and it's also what we use - in part - for our wedding ring engraving.)

    On the back we list our parents (Brides and Grooms are separated), our wedding party (which are our siblings and their SO), and our officiant and musician.  Then we thank our parents and the guests.

    On the inside we include the sequence of the ceremony, wording of the ceremony, traditions, the wording of our two readings (a poem and the Apache Wedding Blessing), a message about deceased loved ones with their names, our flower choices and the Language of Flowers, our music choices, etc. 

    Most of this is optional.  Most people don't include every word of their ceremony.  We are.
  • Honestly, programs themselves are optional. We skipped them in order to save paper, time, and money.
  • My personal feeling is that if you don't know what goes IN a wedding program, you probably don't need them and are just thinking it is something you are "supposed" to have. if you want them, great, but like most wedding stuff, they are completely optional.
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