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Hilton Head Wedding

Planning a wedding for a friend.  How overwhelming!  She wants to get married on the beach, preferrably at the home we will be staying at.  Any info would be appreciated!  Having a wedding planner isn't in the budget...hence why I am helping ;)  Thanks!

Re: Hilton Head Wedding

  • Hi! I'm getting married on the beach at Hilton Head. I've just started planning, but I do know that you need to go to the city's website and apply for a permit to get married on the beach. Here's the link:

    I called and they told me you don't have to have an exact beach mile marker. I was able to just tell them we wanted to be at a certain places beach access.
  • try (vacation rentals by owner) there are a lot of beautiful homes around hilton head that have beach access. 
  • I'm a photographer and know alot of people who help out with weddings.  When is the wedding and what is needed (for ex. band, photographer, videographer, etc.)?
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