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I need help finding jewelry, shoes, and gifts for my maids

Hi, I'm having the hardest time finding jewelry and shoes for myself and for my bridesmaids. Can anyone recommend some places to look? 

Also, I can't for the life of me figure out what to get them as gifts, they all have very different personalities but what's a good gift that they would actually enjoy and use more than once?

Re: I need help finding jewelry, shoes, and gifts for my maids

  • etsy or pinterest would be good places to start
  • Well, I can answer the second question for you. JEWELRY!  Like a bracelet or a pair of earings. They can wear it during the wedding, and it's a gift that they can actually utilize afterwards. Unlike shirts that have  "bridesmaid" written on it, and things of that sort.
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    Give a gift card for a massage or to the nail salon. You and your girls can go just before the wedding or just after you get home from your honeymoon. I've been a bridesmaid 7 times and trust me it was almost as stressful as being the bride is now. They will love it and you will have a good day with the girls. For jewelry try House of Style.
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