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MB in June

I'm doing an elopement at MB state park on the 24 of June and still unsure of any make up styles. I wanted to do my own make up, but have been told not to do dark shades of eye color or lip gloss. Anyone have any suggestions? I have an ivory empire waist dress with swarovski crystal beading up top and plan on wearing hair down with curls and not too much jewelry. I want to look beautiful, but not over the top. Since I am wearing a flower clip in my hair I am worried I will look overdressed for an evening beach wedding or my makeup won't even be the slightest bit noticeable. Please, any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

Re: MB in June

  • I'm also planning a wedding in Myrtle Beach, SC for next June and I'm all the way up in New York! My sister is a cosmotologist and I've been told that the rule of thumb for all weddings is to either play-up your eyes or lips, never both.  You do need to have one somewhat dark in order to stand out for wedding pictures; however with that said if you were to do dark eyes and a dark shade of lip color it could easily be too much for a beach wedding. Personally, I'm going to have a little bit of a darker shadow with shading/ highlighting on my eyes than I could normally wear, but am going to do a pinkish nude lip so its not too overdone.

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