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Hello. New here!!!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!  I'm new here and just wanted to introducec myself.  My name is Denise and I'm getting married on March 11, 2011.

FI and I live in NC and are getting married in SC on the beach in North Myrtle.  Was going to post on the local NC board, but they have some rude ladies on there.  I mainly post on the March 2011 board, but thought I'd come here and see if anyone knows about my venue etc.

Re: Hello. New here!!!

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    Hey Denise! Im also on the March 2011 board. This SC bored can be pretty slow but welcome! 

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    Hi Denise! I'm Jessi.  I am also new to the SC board.  Like you, I also live in NC; however, am planning a wedding in SC.  For the past 10 years, I lived in the small town of York.  This month, I re-located to Kernersville because my boyfriend lives here and I was able to find a job here!
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    Thank you ladies for the warm welcome.  I recognized you Victoria from the March 2011 board.  Jessi I know how it is to need to find work and to move where you can find it.
    I couldn't afford my townhouse on my own and couldn't find a place to live with my three boys, and we moved in with my FI and his son.  Can't go back to work because my son's are in school, so my FI and I talked about it and I registered for school and I go back on January 10th. 
    Looking forward to getting to know everyone on here.
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    welcome to you both.. the boards can be quiet sometimes.... but i'd love to see some more posting from Carolina Brides!
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    Denise - what are you going to study in school? I lived with my parents throughout my college years to save money.  I have a degree in Elementary Education, and as you know, teaching jobs are difficult to find right now.  Where I used to live, no one was hiring.  Up here in the triad area, there were a lot of education job postings, and I landed a job before I graduated, so I really couldn't resist moving up here! We got us a small apartment, and we're saving money with that! We cannot wait to upgrade though.  This place is crammed! Tongue out
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    Jessica - I'm actually going for my AAS for Early Childhood Education.  I maybe changing my major to nursing or something in that field.  Teaching jobs are scarce all over right now, but I may just go to a pre-school and teach there for the time being.

    When I first moved to NC we lived in a 4br house in Charlotte and we moved to a townhouse in Mooresville.  Talk about crammed.  It was 2400sqft moved into a 1490sqft townhouse.  Yeah we were cramped.  Got separated from my ex, he moved out, met my FI, both of us got divorced and engaged on the same day, and I moved in with him in August.

    That's the last two years of my life summed up in a paragraph.  LOL!!!!  I'm hoping to meet some ladies that I can be friends with.  I'm 43, have four boys and a DIL, and there aren't many people around me so it's hard to make friends.

    I hope you find an upgrade soon.  Prices of homes have dropped drastically since I've moved down here.  You should find a good deal somewhere by you.  Goodluck with finding a home.
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    That is wonderful! I hope that you find what you want to do! Believe it or not, education jobs are much more widely available in NC than they are in SC.  I was lucky to land my job! I interviewed for a full-time 4th grade position; however, I was offered a part-time 2nd grade reading specialist position that I gladly accepted! You cannot be too picky right now, and it is a foot in the door!

    Wow - you really are crammed! At least we can relate! Our lease is up in July, and I hope we find something larger and affordable as we will still be planning our wedding and cannot afford too much more! Really, we have a nice place.  I am appreciative of it; however, I cannot wait for an upgrade! Tongue out

    Like you, I do not have many friends - esp. since I just re-located! The ladies on this board seem very friendly.
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    Welcome to the Board.  It is a slow here at times.  All the ladies are great.  We are getting married in Myrtle Beach in November 2011. 
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    Thank You ladies very much for the warm welcomes.  I appreciate them.

    JessicaLynn - I've been looking for Teacher Asst. positions to get my foot in the door and there isn't anything available by me at all.  And what they do require is that if you're an Asst. or a substitute, you have to be able to drive a dang bus.  There is no way in Heck, I'm driving a schoolbus full of loud obnoxious kids.  LOL!!!

    A classroom is one thing I can handle, the enclosed bus NOT!!!  I've seen signs for Kernersville in my travels somewhere.  What is that near?  I have been as far as Wilson, NC where my DIL went to college, Pineville where I bought my wedding dress, Kannapolis, and Asheville.

    I'm sure that you'll find a place that you can afford for an upgrade.  Just get a starter home to begin with and work your way up from there.  We moved in with my FI after he proposed to me in July 2010.  I brought some stuff with me and the rest went to my ex.  There wasn't any need for me to have it when we have everything we needed already.

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    If any of you ladies are looking for a photographer in the Myrtle Beach are you should check out Brittany Mauldin Photography

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