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I have a cousin who will be just turned 14 next june when i get married, & was wondering should she be a junior bridesmaid or just a bridesmaid?

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    I was an honorary bridesmaid when I was that age. That probably makes everything a little easier bc otherwise she will feel left out when all the bridesmaids go to the bachelorette party, etc. and she can't go.
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    I was 15 when I was in my cousin's wedding. I didn't think anything of it when they were going to the bachlorette without me.  The only time I did feel awkward was the day of the wedding when we took the limo from the ceremony to reception. I couldn't get in the limo after pictures with the rest of the wedding party because they forgot about me when they did the initial limo count.

    I really think that she will be fine and won't feel left out. Honestly, a junior bridesmaid is the same thing as a bridesmaid they just, sometimes, wear a slightly different dress.
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    i didnt figure it really mattered its just that i have a sister that will be 11 & i was gonna have her as a junior bridesmaid, & i also didnt think itd look too good having my 14 yr old cousin being escorted by a 30 something yr old man.
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    My FI's niece is 8 years old and going to be a junior bridesmaid, and his nephew who is 12 will be a junior groomsmen! :) HTH :)

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