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Hello All!
I am in need of some help! I have been trying to find a person that will come to my wedding in September (at Bayshore Grove-soo excited!) and do my BM's and my hair for relatively inexpensive..and I havent had really any luck...any suggestions??? I would like to keep it around $50-75 if i could (per person obviously) Any suggestions would be wonderful!
Thank youuuuu!!!! :o)

Re: Hair-Syracuse NY

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    Hi--I love my hair stylist--she's super sweet, stefanie at 315-952-2656.  Tell her you found out about her from Sarah --at least it's a start, I love her!
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    Thank you! i will def give it a try!! where is she located?? and does she travel??? let me know! Thank you!!!
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    I was actually going to post the same question!  I'm getting married at Bayshore in September as well!  I'm trying to find someone to drive out there so we can take full advantage of the bridal suite!  Let me know if you get any good leads!!  Thanks!

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    I will let you know and you make sure you let me know as well!!
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