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The RPI barn

I no longer recommend this vendor. Beware when using them.

Re: The RPI barn

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    I loved it too when I saw it. I am also having about 150 people, but this is why I chose not to use it. It seems wayyyy too small for 150 people if you want everyone on one floor. I guess you could put some tables upstairs, but I feel like that would be separating my guests on two levels, and I didn't really like that. If you have the ceremony upstairs, it seems a bit awkward for seating arrangements. When I was there, they were setting up for a wedding of 95 guests, and even at that, the downstairs seemed crowded. There was barely room for a sizable dance floor. I did like that the DJ sets up on a balcony above the dance floor, that was a really great feature. I liked the little lounge areas upstairs, and the scent of the old wood was lovely. If only it was a bit bigger, it would be my first choice. It is a beautiful venue.
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    We visited it yesterday and LOVED it too.  I do want to look into a few other places first- any suggestions?  We are only having 50-80 people so this works great for us.  And by our Summer 2012 wedding there will be many more improvements.  My only issue is the price...I was hoping to get a venue a little cheaper especially since we have fewer people than most. 

    angeloffspring- when is your wedding?  I would LOVE to hear how is goes and any tips you might have!!

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    Is there a reason that you don't like it?
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