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Flowers from Wegmans?

Has anyone used Wegmans for their flowers? Flowers aren't a huge priority for me, but I'm not sure if I want the stress of DIY. How are their prices and quality?

Re: Flowers from Wegmans?

  • panda&squishypanda&squishy member
    edited December 2011
    Not exactly sure about their prices, but I know they're reasonable. We're going to find out for sure within the next month I think. But the quality is FANTASTIC. I've had roses from there last for two weeks plus, while the roses I used to get from ProFlowers crap out in like three days.
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    We heard great things about the prices so we went to the one in Dewitt. We left feeling very confused, uninspired, and let down. They offered no creative ideas (we are the same about flowers, could kind of care less, just want something affordable and appealing to the eye) and their prices, honestly weren't that great. We are using The Floral Gardens and they have been super helpful. She is busy, but has an eye for what works. I know that there are a bunch of happy Wegmans brides, so we could have caught them on a bad day.
  • BelhurstBrideBelhurstBride member
    edited December 2011
    I think it has a lot to do with which Wegmans you go to. Look around to see if anyone has any feedback from the Wegmans you plan on using.
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  • Nel11Nel11 member
    edited December 2011
    Ditto PP. I went to Wegmans (in Penfield) based on several great reviews on here. The woman I met with was very nice, but wasn't what I was looking for. She just rattled off different flower types while flying through huge flower books. It was very hard for me to envision what she was talking about, and I didn't get the impression she really understood what I wanted. So I went with someone else.
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  • ctinammctinamm member
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    edited December 2011
    Thanks girls! We plan on talking with the florists next time we're shopping, but I will definetly check out some other places too to compare.
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    we are using them and this is what we got: (using simple roses in yellow and coral, nothing extravagent)Bridal bouquetToss bouquet2 bouquets for my girls6 bouts5 corsagesGrand total of $330.I brought pictures with me of things that i liked, so that might help them with your vision.  Also, only a select amount of stores do weddings/event flowers.  I went to the one on Sheridan drive (only one in buffalo that does this service)In Rochester: Pittsford and Penfield do this.  Not sure of other areas.Hope this helps!
  • edited December 2011
    I used the one in Henrietta and I paid $160 for the following. my bouquet - 2dz roses 2 BMs - 1 1/2 dz roses    1 Jr. BM - 1 dz roses 2 moms - 10 callas apiece  Bouts- 4 (callas)and an extra dz roses.I was happy with everything but I went in knowing exactly what I wanted. 
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    I had a great experience with Wegmans....but I took a lot of pictures with me - so there wasn't a need for them to really have a creative vision - so I can't speak for that....but the prices were great and the quality was wonderful - my bouquet stayed in my fridge when we went on the honeymoon and still looked great when we got back!We used the Pittsford store...
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    Friend of ours used the Pittsford store for her July 2007 wedding and raves about them. She had a rough idea of what she wanted, and then when they met with the woman she really gave them a lot of other options to consider. In the end the flowers were beautiful and my friends says that they were very nicely priced in comparison to other local florists.
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    I am getting my flowers at Edgerton Florist on Park Ave. and they were less than Wegmans, FYI. However, I have 7 BM bouquets to order, which tends to ring the bill up! I noticed that most of you girls that used Wegmans didn't have to buy as many BM bouquets.
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    We are using Pittsford Wegmans and so far have had a great experience with them! They were extremely helpful and had great ideas for what we wanted. We are getting bouquets for all the girls, hanging ball type thing for two flowergirls, my bouquet, boutonnieres for all the guys and dads, flower for both moms, and flowers for FI's sister who is doing a reading. Plus a large flower arrangement to go on the white archway we're getting married under. I think it's about $700 for everything.
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