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My FI and I were invited to a wedding in October. He cant go and I am still up in the air....(because of work!)If I can go do I give a monetary gift like he was there as well? Lets say everytime we go to a wedding we give $200, would I only give $100?If I cant go what am I supposed to give? TIA (im clueless!)

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    The etiquette is to give a gift if you attend the wedding that is relatively equivalent to the price of your plate at the wedding.  If you go and not your FI then yes you can give half the money if you would like, but sign the card for both of you.  You can also give all of the money, it's really a personal decision.  As for if you don't go, no gift is required but it is a nice gesture.  I usually send at least a small gift and a card if I'm not able to attend.  HTH!
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    I can't truly believe that it's etiquette to give a gift equal to the amount your dinner costs, because of all the weddings I've ever attended, I have NO idea how much they are paying per person for dinner!! What, do you ask them, then give that much as your gift?! If he can't go, but would want to if he could, I'd give a monetary gift from both of you. I think the gift should have nothing to do wtih how much the wedding costs, but just with what you feel comfortable giving, how well you know the people, etc.
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