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Martin St in Syracuse

Hello! I'm from Central Florida and I am actually trying to suprise my Fiance and his family by naming all of the tables after streets that were memorable to each of us as children. His family is from the Syracuse area. I was wondering if anyone lived near Martin St and Court? I'm trying to get a picture of the at least the street sign if not the front of his grandparents house that is now up for sale....without asking his family directly. If anyone could help that would be awesome! I just figured I'd go out on a limb. Or, if anyone has a reasonably priced photographer in the area that might work too.TIA :-)
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Re: Martin St in Syracuse

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    I live in Syracuse and would love to help you out!Email me with more details (the address of the house, etc)nolle at canisius dot edu: )
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    If the other poster isn't available, I would be happy to as well.  Court is not far from me and I'm sure i could find the intersection of Martin!  Let me know. 
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