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I'm trying to decide between a hotel closer to the church or closer to the reception. The church is in Ballston Spa and the hotel I was looking at is about 10 minutes from the church in Saratoga. Reception is in Clifton Park/Jonesville. We are planning on booking a bus/shuttle for guests to and from the reception. I was also thinking of the hotel in Saratoga because we are having a break (surprise surprise) and figured there's more for people to do in Saratoga than in Clifton Park if they wanted to explore in between. What do you ladies think?

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    edited December 2011
    My answer is yes.  We got blocks at hotels near the ceremony (in Schenectady) and near the reception (Saratoga).  I thought more people woupd go for the one in Saratoga because it is a nicer place to stay and closer to the reception, but 99% of them chose the hotel near the ceremony.  I would get blocks at both and let your guests choose where they would like to stay. 
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    Oh and we had a break too.  (And sorry for the awful spelling mistakes no more knotting before coffee!)
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