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April 2012 Weddings

SA Wednesday

(Say Anything Wednesday)

So, I am not looking forward to how busy the rest of my week is!

Tomorrow I have to finish booking bakeries for tastings this weekend.  Then, I get to spend all night tomorrow going over ideas for the wedding with my mom.  Thursday its an early day for hair/make up as we are doing our E-Pics.  After primping, I have 4 hours at the botanical gardens and 4 hours at the industrial downtown studio for pics.   Friday we have 2 tastings, Saturday 2 tastings and meal prep for our engagement party, and Sunday 1 tasting and a sit down with a florist.

While doing all of that, I have to work on making 400 more rosettes for my hangers, doing 5 more names, finish off my cardbox, and work on the 3 (yeah I said 3) websites I am now running for Knotties.  Oi Vey!

Re: SA Wednesday

  • WOW Kendall super busy week! Good luck with it all. Let me know how everything goes and I cant wait to see Epics! And let me just personally say how much I love our website you made!!!!

    SA Wednesday- Super happy day for me its officially my ONE YEAR MARK!!!! Woooo Hoooo! Also happy that my FI who is a chef is actually going to be off ALL weekend long. So heres to a happy Wednesday and a super fun weekend with the hunnie!
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  • SA-Only 1 more day until a new episode of Vampire Diaries...I've been waiting over a month!!!
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  • Geez Kendall you are a busy bee!!  I have tons of school related work to do this week which will keep me busy.  As far as wedding related, I'm doing my make-up trial on friday and if I'm happy with the results then I'm booking the MUA.
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  • I think I'm getting sick!!!!!! >=(

    Why oh why do I always seem to get a sore throat before something major happens?!?! FI is coming down to visit on Friday and we have E-pics Saturday...this better not last!!!! I have immune system problems thanks to my lovely auto-immune Hashimoto's hypothyroid and Interstital Cystitis (bladder condition), so my body decides to react to EVERYTHING. argh. 

    I'm drinking OJ as we speak!
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  • Everyone is so busy! I'm looking forward to this Saturday, Fi and I are going on a much needed date night! I'm also hoping that I can force him to make a decision about our DJ this weekend. We have a musician booked for the ceremony, cocktail reception and dinner but we can't figure out what to do about the dj for the dancing portion. Neither one of us is big into the top 40 type of music that a typical dj would play, so I kind of want to make our own playlist with the rock / alternative and some dance type music that we do like and save the money. Fi isn't on board with that... Yet :)
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  • WR-I just updated my bio, now I'm on to figure out how to link it on my siggy.
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  • There is a forum FAQ on our site thingie in my siggy :)
  • WR-I got my cake serving set and Champagne flutes!!!

    NWR-I have way too much work. Its taking up all my time to be on the Knot.

    Kendell I love the weekend you have planned!!!
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  • I saw your bio link got posted but just so everyone knows I have a sticky with helpful info here and in it is how to link your bio!!!!
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  • ha ha, that's where I went right after I wrote the post
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  • WR - I am going to check out wedding dresses with my mom on Saturday

    NWR - I'm with everyone else...way too much work to do! I haven't been home on time any night so far this week
  • Okay...not exactly continuing the thread of conversation but...the 20 subpoenas I sent out several days ago came back signed by the court and now had to be sent out by certified mail.  The world NEEDS an easier way to fill out certified mail tags.  Rant over.
    Whoever said it was supposed to be happily ever after is a big fat liar.
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