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ran for a dress!!

Ok, so I am not one who would usually post about finding a dress cause it just seemed like I'd finally just pick one, no big deal and I"m definately not one to go to the running of the brides, but I went and now I"m posting about a dress.  I just happened to be in NH to visit my parents and my mom decided that we should go.  I figured it'd be good for a laugh and make a great story someday.  I was defiantly not dissappointed.  2000 crazed brides and moms and bridesmaids running and tearing after dresses, catfights (just 1 though, most people were really nice and helpful to everyone else there), and, just when I was going to give up after trying on and trading dresses for 2 hours, the absolutely perfect dress.  Midgley and Sottero ASM 3081 for waaaaay less than I would have ever paid for any dress.  I should post pics, but I'm not that computer savy.  The best part was that my mom doesn't live here so it was great to get to share this with her.  We had a lot of fun and she'll be talking about this for years.   I definatly recomend going to the sale to anyone who doesn't need an exact dress.  Yo might end up with a much nicer dress than you ever thoght you'd get and you'll definately got some great stories  

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