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Is there a fee

Is there a fee to change your name? If so how much?

Re: Is there a fee

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    What do you mean?  A fee to whom?  Are you talking about changing your last name when you get married?  Or changing your whole first and last name?
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    To the social security office, no.  Your DMV, I have no idea, check their website.  Your passport, yes if it was issued more than a year ago.  Your credit cards, just your pain and suffering.  Your issurance, see above.  Finding a new thing every month the 6 months after your married that you need to change, priceless.
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    It cost me 10 dollars at the DMV. That is it. Everything else has been free, except for a stamp or two(sending the marriage license to the mortgage company and other places). Oh, and a car drive to my district office, to have them copy the marriage license and fill out new W-2s.
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