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Glen Sanders- vendor rave!

As some of you know, my hubby and I tied the knot this past sunday in Albany, NY. Because I think that it may be the most important for future brides, I am posting the Glen Sanders review here while it is fresh in my mind. Glen Sanders A++++: Glen Sanders met and by far exceeded both my and my DH's expectations. From the time of our first meeting all together (my parents, his parents, DH, his brother and me), to our tasting/dinner at the Glen Sanders restaurant, and throughout the planning process, the staff at GS (Maria mostly) went above and beyond in the areas of communication, accomodation, and planning. We had a unique food package, in that we combined the Jewish celebration/Mitzvah package with bits and pieces of the various wedding packages to get exactly what we wanted- we swapped out all shellfish products and replaced with a sushi chef which was top notch! On the day of, at the moment we arrived, DH and my personal assistant for the evening, Maki, greeted the bridal party with champagne as we exited the limo- she was there to pass me napkins the entire time our photog (matt ramos) was shooting our pics in the sweltering humidity ( I kept a few tucked in my dress for quick pats hahaha)- she followed us everywhere but was also invisible the entire time. She was there when we needed without her being told and was not there at times when we would not. I went to the bar for the first time at 930 pm (our wedding ended at 945) to request some water. Our glasses were always filled, our meals were always served first and both DH and I actually got to eat (although I wish I spent more time eating my DELICIOUS chilean sea bass). I could go on on and but for anyone who is considering the venue or has already booked- be assured that this is a fantastic decision and a good investment for your celebration. The linens were GORGEOUS (and brand spankin new) the new chairs and all of the renovations make the place look the same but brand new, the patio is redone (not brand new, but repainted, etc) and overall just really above and beyond anything I could have ever expected. 2 things our guests really oooohed and ahhhed about were the sparkler presentation of the dinner (see website or my bio for pics from weddings from 2007and 2008) and also the sparklers that were at the candy bar and vienesse table

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    if you have any questions, please buzz me here or even better, email alinabricklin at gmail
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    Thank you for the rave review on glen have calmed my nerves about my wedding being there more than once now and I thank you for that. Also congrats on your marriage and enjoy your honeymoon.
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