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TS-Ensemble: vendor review

Vendor reviews continued-- TS Ensemble. TS Ensemble entertained my DH and our guests all evening long at our Glen Sanders reception on 8/23. As always the band did a fantastic job and our guests were dancing the entire night. Al and his members new exactly what needed to go on for the Jewish components of our celebration and were able to keep even those who were not familiar entertained and participating. The only negative thing is that they did not 100% stick to the play list we gave them. We did a "must play" for faster songs and a "must play" for slower songs and I am not sure that they played all of them, and def played a few not on there. They did play all of the appropriate songs for our bridal party entrance, our first dance, parent dances, etc etc etc however I was a little disappointed that I did not hear some of the songs we had picked out. This disappointment quickly disappatated however, each time I looked at the dance floor and saw that our guests were having a BLAST and were dancing the entire time. When we reached a lul towards the end of the evening (as many of our younger 20 something guests had to head back home for Monday law school, med school, grad school, etc etc etc) Al was able to get everyone remaining on the dance floor to boogy down! I would surely recommend this band to future brides and personally neither I nor my mom (who did most of the correspondance) were hounded whatsover by Al/any other band members in the 15 months between when we first contacted them, booked them, and the actual event.

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