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We are having our ceremony at Hiland Park CC and are looking for an officiant. I already contacted both Queensbury JPs and they both said no. I am going to contact Robyn Posson since I saw she was recommended on here. Does anyone else have recommendations? We are not looking for a religious ceremony...just something nice under a gazebo!! Thanks

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    We used Jeff McCabe - he's the Moreau Town Justice.  We went with him because he's an old family friend and has known me since I was in 5th grade, but he's a really cool, nice, friendly guy and was really excellent.  He has a basic ceremony that he likes to use, but he gave me a copy WELL ahead of time and told me to go through it, and change/add whatever I wanted, and it wasn't a problem.  The whole thing ended up being really nice.  I have it typed up and in my bio if you want to check it out.And congrats!  Hiland is pretty!
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    ROBYN POSSON. For sure. We just booked her last month she is so nice and fun! She will help you through every step of the way has many suggestions and knows her stuff! And she has a great personality!
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