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Well since i am getting 8 million questions about the reception ( and i am also having mine at glen sanders ) from family and i would like to give them some answers i was wondering since you just had your wedding if you could help me out.My grandmother wants to help out with wedding and is very good at things like centerpieces so she wants to know what i want. I have heard that it is not really neccessary to go too over the top since the mansion is so beautiful and i was thinking more along the lines of candles since i am not really a flower person but what was your impression of the decor.Maria said they provide linens and all that stuff and we are having the reception in the mohawk room since our wedding is for around 70 people but i am not sure what it is going to look like so i do not know what to tell her.I know we are using a diffrent room than you but i would think that the decor would similar, so any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Hi- Sorry that I have not yet responded. I honestly have never seen the mohawk room. Do you have pictures? I have been told its really dark but this was years ago and I don't even know who told me, so I am probably not really helpful on that front. However, incase it is helpful, here was our (mom and my) thought process: the big room is pretty big, its comfortable for about 200 I think now. We had 110 guests and anticipated this number from the start. This means not so many tables (13 I think) this also meant no true "his side" and "her side' it was really "my parents side" and "his side + guests under 30" side. Either way, while I love the traditional look of the mansion, I am a more modern girl myself as is my DH. My mom REALLY wanted tall centerpieces and I hated every single one I saw (I am not obnoxious, just don't like filler in centerpieces, etc). Perhaps I would have found centerpieces I liked if we had more $ to spend on them but tall centerpieces require LOTS of flowers. However, I thought that the room we used really NEEDED tall centerpieces to get your eyes up and off the tables when you walk in/dance and to fill the room so we used tall Calla lily arrangements. I will post pics when I have them but we are leaving on our honeymoon tomorrow. What is your decor budget? Personally, I am not a fan of candles at weddings but you are not a flower person :) My impression is that the centerpieces either need to be tall or be pretty intricate for the room upstairs because the room is pretty "grand" for lack of other words and smaller/more simple centerpieces would look cheap- not in the "we didn't care to spend $ on flowers" cheap but more like, we stiffed on the decor and now the centerpieces don't make sense cheap. I know this is very opinionated and as I said I am only familiar with the upstairs room..... feel free to ask questions or post some pics of the Mohawk room and the centerpiece ideas (I am not so opinionated always :))
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