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Syracuse vacation rentals

 I am wondering if anyone knows of any vacation rentals in the Syracuse area? We are trying to find something that a few family members can book for the days before the wedding. Its pretty pricey to stay in a downtown hotel for 4 nights. I have tried VRBO and craigslist, not much luck.

Re: Syracuse vacation rentals

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    Hey! A large group of my friends rented this house in Baldwinsville for our wedding - I think i worked out to be wayyyy cheaper than hotels. and Baldwinsville is about 20 minutes from Syracuse.
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    Hey another idea for you - Your wedding is in June, right?Why not try calling some of the landlords/Apt companies in the SU area? I can give you a few names... Students finish classes in May, and often they leave before their leases are up, and just pay the difference in rent... maybe you can sublease a place for a week, or talk to the landlord and see if they have any open the week of your wedding that you can rent for a week??? Most of these places come furnished as well... 
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