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We are looking for a limo for a 2 hour pre wedding photo shoot since we are getting married on a boat so photos will be limited.  Does anyone know of any reasonable limos in the buff/nf area?  It seems that as soon as you mention wedding, they want you to buy a whole package and all we want is someone to drive us around for two hours prior to the wedding.

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    I would suggest not mentioning it's for a wedding, I've heard that will save you some money. Maybe you could just say your doing a little photo shoot and need a limo to get around? I'm not sure what the cheapest limo in the area is, but we're using Zoladz and got a good price because we're offseason. All of their Limos are really nice looking and clean in person.
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    don't use MAC limo!
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    I highly recommend not going with Mac.
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    Bellhurst Bride-I love your siggy-I have a boxer too!
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    Most limo places make you book a 3 or 4 hour minimum for a wedding, but my friend only needed it for two hours and Affordable limo let her do it for about $200.  I'm using Giorgio's and they're really affordable too.  At first the guy tried to tell me I had to book for 4 hours, but when I insisted that I'd be wasting someone's time for an hour and I only needed it for 3, he agreed - so maybe you cuold try them.
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    Also try Timkey Limousine in Lockport, NY. I've used them a few times, and so have friends, and they're always really nice and clean and courteous. Their rates aren't bad. I also wouldn't mention that it's for a wedding. GL!
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