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Organist needed - Buffalo

Just found out the organist at my church is going to be on vacation for our wedding day, so we need to find someone new, in the Buffalo area. I definitely need someone experienced because I want to have a certain piece that according to the church's organist, is complicated. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks!

Re: Organist needed - Buffalo

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    Have you spoken to the organist about anyone he or she knows that could fill in?  Also, you could probably put an add on craigslist and have people audition. Or, you may want to contact other churches in the area and see if their organist(s) is available. 
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    We're using Frank Scina for our wedding at Saint Louis catholic church in Buffalo. He's been really great helping us plan everything. He charges $220 for a wedding, which is the minimum dictated by the catholic diocese. If you want his contact info, e-mail me at laurenejohnston at gmail.
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